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Modernize and simplify expense management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of practically every business, so rely on our commercial cardfootnote1 payment solutions to help your company increase float, decrease processing costs, and manage expenses from almost anywhere.
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Corporate card

Streamline employee purchasing, travel, and other business expenses with sophisticated online reporting capabilities.

  • Help control costs with easy-to-access management reports
  • Simplify reconcilement by uploading data files to your accounting system
  • Increase efficiency by centralizing billing at the corporate level
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Purchasing card

Increase payment float to meet your company's specific needs, and save processing time and money.

  • Control spending by restricting purchases from specific merchant category groups
  • Set limits on the number of transactions
  • Establish dollar-value caps at the transaction level
  • Conveniently manage spending restrictions online
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Monitor spending, strengthen management controls, reduce reconciliation issues, and help mitigate fraud risk with our automated Accounts Payable solution.

  • Enhance productivity by minimizing paper checks
  • Strengthen cash flow with increased float
  • Get rebates on transactions processedfootnote2
  • Increase vendor payment security and get receipt notifications via encrypted email
  • Help decrease fraud, unauthorized payments, and overcharging with one-time use virtual card numbers
  • Upgrade to V-PAYO for ACH and check payment support

Commercial card customer service

Existing clients
24/7/365 days per year

Prospective clients
Mon-Fri 6am-5pm PT
TTY 1-877-323-4534

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