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Financial solutions for the public sector

Our dedicated Government Banking & Public Finance team provides state and local governments with tailored solutions to help with their most complex banking and treasury needs. Your Bank of the West Relationship Manager will work closely with your organization to understand your greatest concerns, including your short- and long-term strategic and financial goals. This allows us to identify solutions to help you address credit and liquidity challenges, improve operational efficiencies, finance projects,footnote1 and manage cashflow more effectively.

Help mitigate fiscal challenges

When you’re looking for cost-efficient methods of borrowing funds and effective products to manage cash, Bank of the West can help.

    See how our experienced bankers can help you with:

  • Treasury Management
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Commercial Cardfootnote1 and ePayables
  • Direct Purchase and Private Placementfootnote1
  • Loans and Leasesfootnote1
  • Letters of Credit and Standby Agreementsfootnote1
  • Merchant Servicesfootnote2

    Investment services capabilities

    We also offer the following investmentsfootnote3:

  • Government and Agency Securities
  • Asset-Backed Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Commercial Paper
  • No-Load Money Market Mutual Funds
  • Municipal Securities
  • Custodial Services for Securities

Tell us where you live

Choose your state of legal residence. We can then give you information about the products and services available in your area.

Note: Bank of the West has branches only in the states listed in the drop-down. At this time, we only open accounts for individuals and businesses in these states.