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We’re dedicated to agriculture. Let’s grow together.

Agriculture can be volatile, but working with us can help you minimize surprises. We use our in-depth experience to give you seasoned perspectives on the trends and shocks that impact your business.

Specialized agribusiness & farming sector expertise

  • Dairy
    We’re proud of our expertise in the dairy industry. We understand the dynamic nature of the market and are dedicated to providing the best banking services for your needs from herd and feed lines of credit to equipment financing options.
  • Food & Agribusiness
    Food & Agribusiness is the natural transformation step following Production Agriculture and we work with our clients to help them grow their business and capture new markets. We use our in-depth experience to give you insights into the trends that impact your supply chains and end markets.

    As a full-service team covering both mid-cap and up-market corporations, we work seamlessly with product partners across Bank of the West. Our Treasury Management consultants and other financial specialists are well versed in tailoring solutions for food and agribusiness clients across market segments.

    Discover the latest trends in Food & Agribusiness.
  • Permanent Crops
    As one of the leading ag lendersfootnote1 in the U.S., we believe your finances deserve as much attention as your crops. We’re here to help every step of the way—from farm to table.
  • Protein
    We understand the economic cycles of the protein industry and are here to help provide you with the financial solutions and banking products to help you manage your business through every cycle.
  • Beverage
    We also provide a unique ability to serve beverage clients from growing to distribution, locally and globally. Learn more about our Beverage Group's capabilities.

Our agribusiness office locations

With strategic agribusiness offices in the regions that drive U.S. agriculture—from our Premium Wine Group in Napa, California, to our grain and protein specialists across the Great Plains—we have experienced ag bankers in place to respond to your needs.

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